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Ben Goretsky, CEO

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Quote: “We are always committed to providing the best in customer service and payment gateway technology for all our resellers, merchants, and developers.”

The major challenges today within the payment gateway arena is creating a secure and fraud-resistant payment solution that is omnichannel and has all the extra features such as real-time reporting readily available in one simple package. Since more than two decades USAePay, a GorCorp Inc. company, has been addressing these challenges through their gateway solution and helping merchants process their credit card and check transactions with speed and security.

Incorporated by Ben Goretsky and Alex Goretsky, USAePay has been a pioneering payment gateway solution. Initially, it was only available for eCommerce and Mail Order/Telephone Order [MOTO] merchants looking for alternatives to the desktop credit card machine. As real-time processing progressed, the company became one of the first gateways to become certified for retail/swipe transactions. Since then USAePay has been at the forefront of mobile processing solutions, point of sale solutions, customer and order management solutions as well as maintaining the most robust and easy-to-use developer library in the industry.

USAePay has developed extensive elements that allow clients to run better reports, process payments efficiently, improve mobility and connectivity, and decrease fraud risk. Alongside they also offer real-time reporting with charts and graphs that can easily tie into any of the larger accounting software pieces has been a key feature in the gateway since the beginning.

USAePay also focuses on constantly updating and maintaining their “fraud module” system which allows different layers of fraud prevention for different solutions the merchants might connect to their account. It is pertinent to mention that USAePay is one of the first payment gateway companies to become Level 1-PCI compliant.

On the other hand, the USAePay mobile solutions are a robust retail solution for the business that may be looking for just simple swiped transactions to enterprise-level businesses in need of a full point of sale with customer, order and complete product/inventory management. The mobile solutions gateway also offers support in the latest hardware technology and works with several credit cards EMV-ready readers, cash registers, barcode scanners and printers.

Showcasing the company’s unique solutions is an instance where one of USAePay’s client needed a solution for their fast-growing business. The client’s website was processing a large volume of sales daily and required a way to keep track of the inventory on-site while inaugurating new stores. The client couldn’t find anything that would tie the two together with a simple user interface until they came to USAePay. Using their API’s the client’s developer’s tied their existing cart into USAePay’s processing system and product database. They also tied their accounting software using USAePay’s API’s to be able to download real-time reporting for their transactions and batch closures. They utilized USAePay’s point of sale software inside the stores and it synced all products and orders with their online system. The client loved the part of how easily scalable everything was; and now they have over 20 locations that all tie into USAePay’s solutions.

Another exciting developer tool USAePay has is a middleware library called the Payment Engine. When ISVs or ISOs integrate to USAePay’s Payment Engine, they inherit a list of EMV devices that are certified and ready to use. Next in store for USAePay is the Connection Manager—a terminal management system for large enterprise-level organizations having multi-locations where one person can log in and manage all of their terminals from one spot. “We are always committed to providing the best in customer service and payment gateway technology for all our resellers, merchants, and developers,” says Ben Goretsky, CEO of USAePay.