Monday, September 23, 2019
Payment Industry Trends

Trends to Watch in Payments Industry

In 2018, consumers spent USD517.36 billion online, illustrating just how fast the e-commerce industry is expanding. Besides, online B2B sales developed 11 percent in...
Josh Rowland

Recent Technology Trends Across Industry Verticals By Josh Rowland

Recent Technology Trends Across Industry Verticals
By: Josh Rowland

Global Fintech Landscape & Embracing Digital Disruption

Here is a glimpse at the global fintech panorama and how nations are adopting digital disruption in financial services. Following burgeoning in the US and...

The Revolution of Financial Technology

In the newest fintech data, it has been announced that financial technology has been undergoing a period of the metamorphosis. The critical fact to...
Top-most Fintech Trends

Top-most Fintech Trends Transforming Financial Technology

Today with the advent of innovative payment systems and necessity to have paper money no longer exists. Two different industries, namely finance and technology...
Artem Tymoshenko

The Future of Personal and Business Banking

The Future of Personal and Business Banking
By: Artem Tymoshenko, Founder of Genome 
AI in FinTech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in FinTech

One of the early adopters of relational databases and mainframe computers have been the financial firms who have been a pioneer at adopting the...
Zaheer Safwan

2019 FinTech Predictions

Safwan Zaheer Head of FinTech, Digital Banking KPMG US
Fintech & Cyber Defense & Security

Fintech & Cyber Defense & Security

FinTech organizations need to start taking security very seriously. They need to start planning and building strategies and effective ways to address privacy protection,...
Using Blockchain in FinTech

Using Blockchain in FinTech

Financial institutions already have already been grasped by the concepts of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. There is no secret that these concepts work on the...
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